Security Strategy

Organisation, processes and technology

When faced with evolving threats, it can be a tricky balance to keep all of the above aligned and focused. This is where FOXMOLE helps with a structured yet adaptable approach, whilst questioning and challenging accepted thinking.

For example, FOXMOLE recommends investing efforts to strengthen weak areas that may exist across the “Protect”, “Detect” and “React” categories.  For example, if the “Protect” function currently delivers well resulting in high fences around the castle. but if an orgnaisation's “Detection” of attackers evading the protective measurements is weak, FOXMOLE recommends improving “Detect” ahead of further improving an area of strength.

It is important that to have a balance between the pillars of security to reduce the impact of events. Sometimes an organizational policy is more efficient to fulfill a purpose, at other times, a technology which enforces is the best approach and an improvement or change in processes to increase the overall security level is required.

Strategic decisions are as much about deciding not do take a course of action as taking one. FOXMOLE helps clients make sometimes bold yet smart choices, supported by well-founded data and observations.

CISO guidance and advisory services

Being a CISO can be isolated experience, and there are many pressures in maintaining strong defences under tight budgets. FOXMOLE provide an advisory service tailored to each CISO’s needs - from acting as a sparring partner to discuss ideas and possible solutions to a scheduled engagement plan to a more ad hoc sanity checking of next year’s plans or concert problems.

FOXMOLE acts as a trusted advisor, nurturing long term relationships with its clients.

Recommendations for root cause remediation

FOXMOLE’s various assessments often uncover more than just the most immediate vulnerabilities; they can highlight wider system and process issues. FOXMOLE can help you identify the root cause and support you in designing a strategy or in the recommendation of the necessary steps to cure the root cause and therefore preventing them from reoccurring as expensive vulnerabilities/symptoms which have to be fixed .

FOXMOLE has significant experience in troubleshooting the hurdles often encountered in changing established, yet sub-optimal security practices.

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