Penetration Testing: diagnostics reveal pervasive trends and blindspots

External attackers, hackers, crackers and cyber-criminals often use well-known vulnerabilities to break into systems and networks. FOXMOLE’s task is to find your system’s weak points before others can exploit them. Once these risk areas are identified, remediation recommendations are made and in some cases, FOXMOLE's findings reveal underlying, deeper issues that have only emerged as a result of the tests. These can be procedural, organisational or technology "red flags" that must be addressed to avoid a significant breach.

A penetration test is a controlled simulation of a hacker attack. Using the same or similar procedures that external attackers use provides preventative recognition of IT vulnerabilities. FOXMOLE’s software development expertise allows an extremely in-depth test. The real added value of manual verification of vulnerabilities is that false positives are minimised - this means that unnecessary (expensive) measures can be avoided. 

The relevant systems are also examined using static and dynamic vulnerability scans.

The final detailed report, which includes an executive summary, indicates the severity of the threat and offers solutions for removing the system risk.

The objectives and benefits of a penetration test include:

  • Increased security on an organisational level
  • Increased security on a technical level
  • Detection of (technical) vulnerabilities
  • Confirmation of IT security by a third party

Regular penetration tests or vulnerability analyses are conducted as part of an information security management system (ISMS). The ISMS is part of corporate risk management and ultimately serves as a control tool for an organisation’s risk management. 

FOXMOLE specialises in the following systems, amongst others:

  • Web applications
  • Software applications
  • Operating systems
  • Networks
  • Building technology
  • VoIP (voice over IP)

Each of these requires a different, specific range of simulated threats based on FOXMOLE's proven methodologies.


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