Governance: best practices to stay legal and responsible

Data loss prevention guidance

The increasing rise in the theft of both customer and employee personal data is a worrying trend. This data is often made available for sale on "Dark web" sites and used by multiple criminal gangs.

FOXMOLE advises clients on data loss prevention best practice around the storage, transfer and access of sensitive data, whether it hosted on premise or in the cloud. It also provides guidance on creating greater visibility of a potential data breach and an urgent response to this. The risks to a company's reputation and valuation can be huge - data security is one of FOXMOLE's key areas of expertise.

Compliance frameworks

IT security governance is not about technology, it is about creating an overarching framework what supports Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and security policies. Key to succes is the establishment of the right organisational culture, true accountability, and dynamic, "living" policies that are clearly understood and followed because colleagues see their value, not feel obliged to do so. FOXMOLE can review existing frameworks and audit these for effectiveness.

Specific legislation demands

Each piece of compliance and data security related legislation requires specific practices and processes. FOXMOLE can advise on how to adhere to the particular demands of these and many other pieces of legislation:

  • PSD2
  • IT-Sicherheitsgesetz
  • and more

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