A comprehensive range of Services to support your Security team

Application Security

We provide: Architecture Reviews, Source Code Audits, Threat Analysis, Secure Development Lifecycle Reviews and Secure Coding Workshops.


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Security Review

FOXMOLE conducts a review of your relative security strengths and weaknesses across areas such as "Protect", “Detect” and “React”.  This is followed by recommendations on where to focus effort for maximum impact and improved overall security.

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Our services encompass: organisation, processes & technology , CISO guidance, recommendations for root cause remediation.

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We review key physical assets such as: networks, telephony, bulidings and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Penetration Testing

External attackers, hackers, crackers and cyber-criminals often use well-known vulnerabilities to break into systems and networks. FOXMOLE’s task is to find your system’s vulnerabilities before others can exploit them.

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We examine compliance with data security policies and a range of legislation where appropriate such as PCI, HIPAA, PSD2, and IT-Sicherheitsgeset. Read more.

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