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Economic damage caused by industrial espionage, sabotage and data theft is a serious threat to businesses. In 2013, the worldwide Global State of Information Security Survey reported 117,330 cyber attacks per day.  The Ponemon Institute estimates that cyber crime costs $100 billion annually. 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every day.

Today’s security threats come in many different forms: hacktivism, social engineering, state sponsored cyberwarfare, malware and identity theft being just a few of these. But it is not only external attacks by cunning hackers (foxes) that constantly present new challenges to IT security; the internal threat posed by employees (moles) is also a huge security vulnerability.  According to the Ponemon Institute, “data breaches that result from malicious (employee) attacks are most costly.”

In this constantly evolving environment FOXMOLE has made a number of observations which are reflected in its work.:

The likelihood of being successfully attacked is very high: the key questions are how serious are these attacks, how quickly can they be detected and how can these be reacted to, with remedial actions?

Address the root causes: whilst FOXMOLE offers penetration tests and source code audits beside other so called “red-team services”, they should not be viewed in isolation as a “tick in the box”. This is an opportunity to dig deeper with FOXMOLE and create a strategy which delivers long-term, enduring benefits, rather than a temporary point fix and brings your “blue-team” to the next level.

Resources are finite, so focus them: threats come in many forms but only some of these are likely to result an actual attack, and only a portion of these will have a major business, legal and/or financial impact. FOXMOLE is committed to delivering both the best value for money security consultancy and recommending the most cost effective security strategy to minimize business risks.

Don’t forget the human factor: whether through ignorance, carelessness or intent, employees represent a major security risk. FOXMOLE also understands that no policies and procedures will be adopted by a workforce or the consumer unless they understand the benefits of following these. Creating a company culture of vigilance and responsibility is essential as well as keeping in mind that the time of your employees is too valuable to waste them with questionable measurements.

Processes, organizational factors and the use of technology all have a part to play: there is no “silver bullet” to ease a CISO’s mind, but FOXMOLE have identified these three drivers as fundamental to improving and enhancing security capabilities.

FOXMOLE is dedicated to safeguarding its clients’ reputations, customer/employee data, and delivering peace of mind as a trusted advisor at all levels.

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The FOXMOLE consulting team is gaining momentum in a rapidly expanding sector and we are looking for experienced security professionals in the following areas:

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Location can be flexible.

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